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The protein from meat helps cats have healthy hearts and reproductive systems, as well as good eyes. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they are designed human food for cats list get their nutrition from meat, not vegetables and carbs like their human counterparts. According human food for cats list Paw Cultureeggs also have a lot of vitamin B, which is healthy for felines. Elizabeth Colleran, President of the American Association of Feline Practitioners AAFPwho said that the list of foods you can never feed your cat is a lot smaller than most people think. Make sure to always check the ingredients for garlic and onion, as both can be really harmful to cats. So, what foods can Fluffy eat safely off of the table?
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As they age, cats may become lactose intolerant, so make sure to only give small amounts of dairy foods to your cat. Veggies you can give your cat to snack on:

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Human Food for Cats: What Can Cats Eat? | World's Best Cat Litter Blog | Clearing the Air

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We spoke with Dr. Cats are obligate carnivores , which means that they need meat to live.

10 Healthiest ‘People Foods’ You Should Be Feeding Your Cat

There are certain human foods cats can eat. Check out this list of cat-safe foods from Animal Planet. Many human foods are bad for cats, including chocolate, cream, cheese and dairy products are high on the list of what can cats not eat. Many human foods are toxic to cats. Avoid feeding cats table scraps. Instead, feed a nutritious cat food created for their specific nutritional.
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Types of fish your cat can enjoy:

Human Food #1: Cooked Meat

Skinless Chicken The best! Make sure to always check the ingredients for garlic and onion, as both can be really harmful to cats. And a good rule of thumb is that human food should not make up more than 15 percent of a cat's diet. The World's 1 Nonfiction Media Company. Read more Read less He might beg, but most foods on the dinner table are not safe. Cats are experiencing an obesity problem in the United States, so make sure not to give your furry friend too much of these high-carb foods! Fish That Are Safe for Cats Your cat will flip for a fish treat, but make sure to only give it in small quantities.
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The World's 1 Nonfiction Media Company.
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Some human foods aren't good for cats, but there are actually a good number of foods that are! Read on to find out human foods cats can and should eat. Here are 15 expert-recommended, feline-friendly human foods to try feeding your Although bananas are a healthy treat, they (like all items on this list) should. There are certain human foods cats can eat. Check out this list of cat-safe foods from Animal Planet.
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