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Augie is a sweetheart! Foster to Adopt Eligible. She loves running, playing and climbing on her foster mom or the cat tree, whatever is the closest. One thing is for sure, and that is funny looking cats she is extremely rare. She tolerates small dogs, but we think she would do best as an only cat. I am so very cute.
Leia - Age: 32
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Posey Purry little Posey is a precious princess. Not Ready to Adopt? Grumpy Cat is a mixed breed cat, but her unique look comes from a combination of an underbite and dwarfism.

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Cat Tobie She was found at a book store and she's been a little on the shy side. I purr for my foster mom even though I am still kind of scared that people might not be nice to me.

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Get it together, cats. This suspicious-looking individual who is definitely up to something. Share On Facebook Share; Share On Twitter Share; Share On Pinterest . 26 Iconic Facebook Fails That Are Still Funny In The thing about cats is,they were basically made for the Internet. Whether they're causing trouble, doing funny things, or just basically relaxing, there is no other. A WEIRD-looking cat called Wilfred has taken the internet by storm out after the actor uploaded the hilarious sketch to his Instagram page.
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Benny - Age: 21
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He has a big personality to go with his looks. What are the Strangest Cat Breeds? Lindy is a sweet and beautiful kitty.

1. Princess Monster Truck

She loves feathers, crinkle toys and toilet … More. He was rescued from a hiding place beside an alley dumpster and has been lighting up his foster home ever since! Tuffnut Please only apply for Ruffnut and Tuffnut as a pair they are bonded and can not be split up. Kizzy also loves feathers, and she loves to have someone shake them so she can pounce and jump. She has been a wonderful mom and is looking forward to the rest of her life.
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Kitty - Age: 23
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We promised them that they would never again have to worry about having enough food to eat, a warm bed in which to snuggle, or a caring human to give them lots of love and to take care of their health. Monk short for Monkey is a normal black cat, except for two tiny, well, not so tiny fangs. She scratches my head and gives me treats.
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Nov 14, The actor Michael Rapapor dubbed a video where he appears to freak out over a weird-looking cat in his backyard. The cat, Wilfred, is real. A WEIRD-looking cat called Wilfred has taken the internet by storm out after the actor uploaded the hilarious sketch to his Instagram page. What is more heartwarming than funny-looking cats? These cats are every bit as adorable as they are funny looking!.
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