Cat head biscuits

Wonderful and tasty heavy biscuit from the old times. I want to make cat head biscuits for a large family dinner. I would roll out the dough and cut the biscuits out then freeze them on a tray and place in plastic bags once frozen. And your house growing up sounds like one tasty place. September 1, at 7: Let me help you make meal time memorable, and life a little spicy!
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Susie Tabor Lee says: Thanks for reporting back.

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Cathead Biscuits Recipe | Food Network

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Thanks for posting this. Really, why torture yourself when you know you are going to eat that biscuit anyway? I am sure there are lots of different ways to make these biscuits but the recipe below is the way my Mama always made hers.

Fluffy Southern Cat Head Biscuits

The recipe for these extra-large biscuits comes from Virginia Willis, the author of " Secrets of the Southern Table." A phrase her grandfather once used, the name. I love these buttery biscuits (named for their relatively large size). They're perfect for serving with Slow-Baked City Ham. These Cat Head Biscuits are the largest, fluffiest biscuits you will ever eat. And they're super quick and easy to make.
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January 15, at 8: If biscuits are baked close together, sides will be tender. I adore her and her biscuits.


May 10, at Transfer the dough to the floured surface, and sprinkle with a little extra flour. August 27, at 6: If so, any heating recommendations? Like what you see here? Brings back warm memories. Please refresh and try again!
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Instructions Preheat the oven to degrees F. My Grandma always made them this way.
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Drop biscuits as big as a cat's heat are a southern tradition. Make it your home tradition with this recipe. My mother made cathead biscuits almost everyday. Cathead biscuits are a tradition in my family and a family favorite. Your family will love them. Richard, an owner of CatHead's BBQ, says his mom used a wide-mouth cup to cut the biscuits¿just dip the rim in flour to prevent the dough from sticking to the.
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