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And last year a grey cat names from literature and a black boy became Miss Marple and Sam Spade. Crazy Cat Names Ever cat is an individual, but finding different kitten names can be tough. This unfortunate cat is killed by a truck, buried in the ancient burial ground of the title, then returns home, in a manner reminiscent of the dead son in the horror story " The Monkey's Paw ". No I take that back Cat names from literature of our cats is called Casca, one of the murderers of julius Caesar, but I don't think that's whom she was named after. I call him Atticus Catticus, but my kids call him Fatticus. A black and white tomand is often considered the 'second-hand-man' to Munkustrap.
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Many of my in- Mass -laws' cats are named after operas, books, etc. A good friend insisted that we call the kitten Parsnip, but as much as we love food, literature won the day. LoTempio May 23, , 7:

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19 Literary Cats We'd Love to Cuddle | Penguin Random House

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T'weren't no rat, though; t'was a rabbit, layin' on its side by the kennel.

19 Literary Cats We’d Love to Cuddle

Back in the day, naming a cat was a fairly quick, straightforward affair. “ Historically, cat names were simple and based on appearance—Snowball for a white cat. Fortunately the world of literature is a treasure trove of wonderful pet names. You can name your cat after a favorite character, a favorite. If you're a fan of super heroes and kick-ass visual plots, then enter the world of comic books for your favorite awesome cat names.
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Awesome and TV characters are really the only criteria here, so I have packed together a bunch of seriously awesome pet names from the television genre! I haven't heard anybody mention Ice Palace in years. Then look no further.

Fictional Cats in Literature

May 23, , And occasionally, she'll drop into a crouch and creep along on her belly from an elegant stroll - it usually happens when she is heading to the kitchen for the morning repast, she'll stroll by until she gets to the open kitchen door, then suddenly she'll flatten herself against the outside wall and peer cautiously around the kitchen door, creeping across the kitchen floor like it's an open minefield! We have Winnie and Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. His sister is named Minou after a French tart in one of Colette's novels. The Church Mice series by Graham Oakley. Fictional cats Lists of fictional felines Lists of fictional animals in literature Lists of cats. The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.
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But then we took our new kitten to the vet, where the receptionist gushed over the name. Awesome cat names are all around you. I am named after my dog.
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Whether you love or hate them, cats rule the internet–which means they rule the world. It's no wonder they're featured players in literature. We're bringing them. This list of fictional cats in literature is subsidiary to the list of fictional cats. It is restricted solely by. Dr. Seuss, A mischievous anthropomorphic feline from Dr. Seuss's book of the same name. Cheshire Cat · Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Back in the day, naming a cat was a fairly quick, straightforward affair. “ Historically, cat names were simple and based on appearance—Snowball for a white cat.
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