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We have a new kitten, and it feels like she has an upper respiratory issue- once in a while i can feel her wheeze when she breathes, much like the same issue in people. Add a comment to Leia's experience. Has Symptoms Watery eyes. Google tells me that black discharge can be normal, but what do you think? Add a comment to Tamar's experience. If there is a possibility that there is blood in the discharge, or if her eyes cat eye discharge black cloudy, it would be best to have her cat eye discharge black by your veterinarian, as they will be able to examine her eyes, and advise you as to any necessary treatment.
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Signs of eye discharge and conditions related to eye discharge in your cat may include:.

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Black Discharge Around Eyes | TheCatSite

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I rescued about a week and a half old kitten last week. If it clears up on it's own how long will it take and when should I take him to the vet if it doesn't clear up?

Black Discharge Around Eyes

From a yellow, gooey discharge to excessive tearing, WebMD explains causes and treatment of eye discharge in cats. Eye discharge in cats is typically a symptom of an underlying condition and not a is causing the eye to drain clear discharge and also whether the dark spot is. Discharge comes out of both eyes, but his right is worse. My cat has feline herpes and he gets black/brown discharge in the corners of his.
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Add a comment to Oscar's experience. You should try to remove eye discharge with a warm damp cloth and apply Vetericyn ophthalmic ointment to the eye; monitor for the time being but certainly visit a Veterinarian to have a listen to her lungs. Actually, the more I look at it, the skin around his right eye is definitely red.

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A yellow gooey discharge may be indicative of an infection, you should use a warm damp cloth on the eye to slow remove any discharge and I would suggest to use an ophthalmic antibiotic ointment twice per day or as instructed on the product label. If it's bacterial, then he'll probably need antibiotics. Without seeing Tamar, I can't say for sure what might be going on with her, but she may need an ointment to help with the discharge. He's well fed and healthy. Add a comment to Riley's experience.
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I adopted my cat from a rescue about a year ago. Some of the most common causes of eye discharge may include:.
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Discharge comes out of both eyes, but his right is worse. My cat has feline herpes and he gets black/brown discharge in the corners of his. Cat eye discharge — whether it's cat eye boogers, watery cat eyes or Here's what to know about cat eye discharge. My kitten has a black, dark grey booger's come from his eyes daily, not more than once a day though. Signs and symptoms: The most telling symptom is runny eyes. Eye discharge might be clear or be gray, yellow, green or even a dark, rusty red color. The inside.
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