Genealogy has a variety of experiences for the first time researcher. There are many resources that are often overlooked in the searching process. A person may have many thing that caused him to begin his family research. A question out of the blue about a personís background may bring to light facts that have lain hidden in the darkness for a great number of years. The information may be good or it may be bad but it is often the beginning of a life time search for the truth.     

In this section you will find hints and clues to research that will help you as you seek the information most important to you. One of the purposes of the library is to provide information that is accessible and available through books, files, micro-film, internet and the written word. 

The project of organizing the files of family history has uncovered some very important and interesting facts about those brave families who came to the area when the Indians were still present and active. The stories are intriguing. It is our desire to find stories about the first settlers so that they can be placed on the shelves in notebooks for all to enjoy. If you have any news on the first settlers, please copy and share them with us.

I invite you to send queries about your Eastland County ancestors. I will do a free look up so send the question that means the most to you. wanda,skinner@sbcglobal.net.

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