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Bt is especially effective when it comes to caterpillars and worms, such as the worms that plague tomato plants, but ineffective with other pests. Many types of mint grow wild all over the United States. Causes Diagnosis Treatment Recovery Advice. It may also be a good idea to is mint poisonous to cats your cat indoors to protect it from all toxic plants that may be found in surrounding gardens and other areas. Salicylates in Foods Cat Fanciers' Association: The vast majority of cats will make a full recovery from consuming too much mint. The lily family is large, and even the benign varieties Peace, Calla, Peruvian can cause drooling and mouth irritation.
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Wintergreen Though commonly considered a "mint" flavor, wintergreen is actually a woody, evergreen herb unrelated to the mint family.

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Is mint harmful to cats? | Feline Diabetes Message Board - FDMB

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Most cases of illness caused by mint ingestion will not need treatment. Spring will be here soon and the gardening catalogs are already arriving in the mail. A popular type of mulch is cocoa shell mulch.

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As Aimee and Michael have already indicated, mint is certainly not poisonous to cats. In particular cat mint is a derivative of the normal mint plant and is totally. My daughter has a cold and this morning I was giving her a few drops of some Japanese mint oil to rub under her nose. It says it is a natural oil. Some kitties dislike the smell and with good reason: peppermint contains salicylate, a chemical also found in aspirin and poisonous to cats. Other cats are .
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Is mint harmful at all? To do this, the vet may induce vomiting using hydrogen peroxide.

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January 26, admin Emergencies , Feline Health Spring will be here soon and the gardening catalogs are already arriving in the mail. No, create an account now. Catnip is also a great mosquito repellant! Aside from the garden mint, I would also like to ask how I can prevent my cat from nibbling on my money tree. If your kitty is attracted, keep in mind that eating it could be harmful to her but danger varies based on type of exposure. How safe is a small herb garden around a cat? Generally, a very large quantity must be eaten for any kind of negative affect to manifest.
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Do I need to relocate my mint, so she can't reach it? This also applies to most pesticides. March is a perfect time for South Louisianians to start gardening.
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Mint. Additional Common Names: Garden Mint. Scientific Name: Mentha sp. Family: Lamiaceae. Toxicity: Toxic to Dogs, Toxic to Cats, Toxic to Horses. My daughter has a cold and this morning I was giving her a few drops of some Japanese mint oil to rub under her nose. It says it is a natural oil. Is rosemary safe for cats? Can cats eat their catnip? What about mint or catmint ? Let's talk about non-toxic plants for cats and toxic plants.
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